JCG Group Corporate Culture

Vision: JCG will cast a world-class network communications products supplier

Quality concept: quality, there have dignity

Quality objectives: product qualification rate of 100%

Product concept: wireless freedom, unlimited wonderful

Business philosophy: the value of quality responsibility

Talent Strategy: refined, wise, courageous, Zhiyuan

Employing the concept: diligent selection, re-education, multi-employer

Management philosophy: management is all actions obey orders

Business purposes: sufficient reliable products and services to customers

Innovation: innovation is learning exercises 

--- --- --- Practice --- study the whole process of review

Implementation of the concept: a clear instruction 

execution is to put into effective action

Working principle: high efficiency, low loss, standardization

Love philosophy: care staff, care staff, to help employees

Team concept: unity is to have talented people together to do a good thing

Competition concept: Momentum (P) = mass (M) * Speed (V)

Enterprise Competitiveness = speed of execution of capacity-X

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