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JCG 10years CeBIT Smart Home Gateway Come On Stage

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JCG 10years CeBIT Smart Home Gateway Come On Stage


The annual international ICT top international fair CeBIT ( The international consumer electronics, information and communication technology exhibition in Hanover, Germany) will hold in Hanover, Germany in March 14th 2016. JCG,the Chinese High-end router WIFI expert and smart home gateway leader pay great importance to this exhibition, will exhibit serious advanced technology and products there. The products including the latest released first generation smart home gateway Hacker H3, smart home internet center JHR-AC946,private signal tower JHR-AC855,”Born of Through Walls” smart wifi router JHR-AC845 enhanced version,and aim to Europe market wifi repeater U26 and so on.




Everything is connect to

“The Internet of things”

As JCG knock-out product,smart home gateway has gain much attention after released.The functions of smart home gateway H3 are comprehensive.In addition to extend “The Internet of things” function,it collect the functions of wifi router,4K HD playback,internet TV,wireless screen mirroring feature,private cloud storage,game and so on.It can provide customer crossover interconnection mufti-functional app platform,and customers can customize itself smart life style.



In The Information Time,only choose Win-win cooperation,we can develop in a better way. JCG is active in developing information innovation,new ICT transformation, create new Ecology with partner.As open smart home gateway H3,it explain JCG strategy and development direction clearly,it is the symbolic products in the process of development,from investigation of customer need,news conference,crowd funding to main client maintenance,it shows building development transformation and ecological layout base on


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