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Apple and Amazon suffered dark horse JCG for smart home battle

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The first week of December 2015, the smart home field broke outa fierce battle for the dominant power, the battle is around apple and Amazon launched new products.Amazon applied for two patents,related to transforming users living room into 3D control room by strengthening reality technology ; Apple has released a new technical control equipment to achieve its HomeKit and Siri that allows users control electronic products through voice at home.




According to relevant data and media reports, Apple and Amazon this year's competition is particularly fierce, in the second half, and competition more intense. In early October, Amazon announced to stop selling AppleTV (and Google Chromecast), because it does not support its Prime video service. Previously, Amazon will be released new FireTV set-top box a week after Apple released AppleTV , and through the "Support 4K video" (AppleTV does not support) to compete with Apple.



Successive release of new products and patents show that the development of smart home has raised alertness for Apple and Amazon , both sides realized that the "smart home" is critical, its market potential is very huge. However, the competition whether lead to Amazon's refusal to sell HomeKit device or Apple refuses to support Amazon's smart home functions, and ultimately harmful to both sides ?

The platform integration road of (JCG) intelligent home gateway

Future smart home, integration and interoperability is the mainstream, as Intel stressed that only opening standards, and making enterprise widely participation in cooperation, innovation and progress together in every field, can we truly make smart home and Internet of things to realize jumping development.

At the end of November, Yichen (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd (Home Gateway leader—JCG) held a new product conference in Beijing, released a new smart home gateway—Hacker H3, the product is positioned as the import of smart home products, intended to create an open gateway platform which integrates other peripheral products and makes smart home devices to achieve real interoperability. On news conference after conference, the CEO Gao Huachen highly puts it: "Researching smart gateway H3, we hope to do an open platform, it can add a lot of applications and realize the value of coexistence."


On the way of the node connection, smart home gateway H3 can flexibly controll variety of intelligent terminals by its native or proprietary APP, and ensure the reliability, security, advancement, practicability, openness, extensibility and flexibility of data interface, being worthy of the name "smart home core hub", it would nott be bound by complex control mode.

In terms of hardware, the hacker H3 has a quad-core CPU, 5-core GPU and 16G / 64G large storage space, and comes a standard with 6-axis gyroscope technology somatosensory remote control, equipped with the world's top intelligent turbine cooling system. Moreover, hackers H3 is also gathered td the currently most advanced application technologyAC dual-band WiFi, 1200M wireless transmission rate, massive HDTV, 4K high resolution (up to 4096 × 2160) output, with 3D smooth playing,no delay technology with the same screen, lossless audio output and the global latest H.265 decoding technology, can fully meet the users’ diverse demand for work and entertainment.



Smart home gateway currently belongs to a new category, but the hardware and software level of hackers H3 has now reached and even ahead of the international level. As previously mentioned,Amazon emphasized "support 4K video" when launching FireTV. In terms of hacker H3 , 4K hardware decoding is just a basic application of the cultural family life .

Smart home gateway leading smart home industry development

As a smart home ecosystem "imported products", hacker H3 gathers HD IPTV, private cloud, expanding smart home, intelligent wireless routing, multi-screen games and other functions in one, can be described as central nervous system of modern intelligent home life.



Gao Huachen also said: "possibility may vary with different time, and I also believe that different vendors will launch different product for users,and I would like to see it.Our smart gateway must lead to a new selling point,I also hope to lead the industry forward, we pay attention to this gateway products, come together to play this new industry, as is the trend in the future. ”



In fact, the smart home market has great potential, only the major hardware and smart home developers work together toward the same goals can they promote technological progress, promote inclusive development and integration of smart home products.

Home Gateway as an open gateway platform, as a whole new category of products, there are no competitors, but in the future, there will be a large number of pursuers. Anyway, JCG may have ushered in a new era of smart home,hoping it can continue to lead the industry.


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