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China authority initiates "Quality Revolution". JCG wins reputation by 7 year persistence.

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May 11, 2016, the State Council held meeting to promote the development of the consumer goods industry by increased variety, improved quality, more famous brands to better meet the needs of consumers new demand. In the State Council news release, the word "quality revolution" apeared the first time. From the beginning of becoming prime minister, Premier Li Keqiang pushed for China to build "upgraded economy"; to this year's "Government Work Report" he first mentioned "craftsman spirit"; and today he formally speaks "quality revolution". Premier Li Keqiang’s policy and idea towards development and innovation is consistent.

In fact, the "quality revolution" is a matter of the market, while craftsman's spirit is a matter of every company. This meeting made it very clear: let the market play its role. Meanwhile the "quality revolution" is also facing many problems and difficulties, the break through of "quality revolution" can be achieved in two ways. On one hand,the government should ensure fair law and regulations.On the other hand, from a business point of view, is the value and responsibilities. In short, company should make consumers believe the product quality, brand quality.

Taking the networking equipment, wireless router for example, although this industry is dependent of policy and institutional environment, the key to thrive lies in the corporate body. Companies need to increase the value of the investment, quality control, attention to their responsibilities with excellence artisan spirit, to have valule priority, quality first, reputation first business philosophy, in order to truly match of the government requirements for the quality revolution. And as early as seven years ago, high-end routing WIFI Experts & Home Gateway brand leader Jie Xi(JCG) ( brand of YICHEN (SHENZHEN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD) has already recognized the importance of value and quality, and positioned its business philosophy as "values, responsibility and quality" and defined itsquality idea as: no quality no dignity; send reliable products to customers, impress consumers.

There is an old saying by wise Chinese people: know the whole picture, also know the detail.Chinese economy to move towards high-end, can be described as "the whole picture". To achieve this goal, for the government, the reform should "know the detail";for businesses, the product should "know the detail" And know the detail is to highlight the value and quality. JCG King Kong router JHR-N835is still hot selling since its release in 2012, and JCG makes the word "King Kong" well know by value and quality of its product .


Another fact that can not be ignored is the rise of China’s sizable middle class. Their requirement for consumption is inreasing. They are not satisfied with having the product but need it to be good.If the company is also focusing on low-end products is bound to be out of the market, but this law has been verified. In the field of wireless router, some companies also chose low-end price-oriented policies, low prices through the fight, to fight consumption seize the market, rather than focus on the value and quality improvement.

David Ogilvy in "Confessions of an Advertising Man" already mentioned: "...... they get sold with a discount approach, rather than using advertising to build a strong brand. Anyone can engage in price cutting, but building a brand needs a creative mind and perseverance. There was once a very popular brand of coffee called Chase and Sanborn. later, its manufacturer discount prices began their discount addicted today, the brand gone? completely dead. "

These recently selected to the low end of the price-oriented strategy of these companies as Ogilvy said, there have been operational difficulties and other issues, or their acquisition, or bankruptcy, and lives for the better rough. While JIEXI (JCG) this year although there are affected by the economic impact of downward pressure, but by virtue of its "value, quality and responsibility" business philosophy to retain a lot of customers and quickly opened up a new market, and against the market trend, we made a lot of impressive achievements. Especially in 2015, we had asuccessful IPO, also released a series of high value and good quality new products, such as smart home gateway hacker H3, King Kong Series Router JHR-AC845, etc., and a lot more high-end router is also in research and development process, such as King Kong, Tanks JHR-AC836M, enhanced version of the Five Generation King Kong JHR-AC855, elite routerJHR-AC885M etc.

Promote the "quality revolution" depends on the state reform; successful "quality revolution" requires careful management of enterprises and conscience. Only when corporate build goodbrand, maintain the value and good quality of products, implement "craftsman spirit"in R & D and production, the "quality revolution" can succeed in the entire country.

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