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High level Customization, King-kong New router of JCG to be released

issuing time:2016-06-08 source:本站

Once mentioned router products, people are always thinking of the series of King-kong routers from JCG (such as JHR-N835R, JHR-AC845 etc). The series of King-kong routers are warmly accepted by customers because of their good strong wall performance, the stability of the wifi signal and the function of the personalized.


“Tank” (indicates the good performance) is one of the member of King-kong series specially customized for HD game players and will be released recently. The four antennas look like four large caliber guns that can be folded and launched when take action. With the special design of five times of high power wall, wireless WIFI of the router has direct fire, strong penetration ability. With multi-level encryption settings and multiple filtering functions, it seems that tanks has been equipped with a powerful armor protection.

2.4G&5G 1200M dual frequency WiFi, wireless transmission rates up to 1200Mbps With dual band multi task,the router can avoid the same frequency interference. Though 5G, 3D games and big data download and upload with great speed leading 3 times the rate of data transmission than normal transmisson. External 4 all copper 5dBi high gain antennas, so that it has a strong penetration and stable performance. Signal back to the detection technology, intelligent detection, delivery, sending and receiving sensitivity is much higher than similar products. Mobile users will be free to move and can get a stable effect of the game. QoS set intelligent internet speedaccording to the different needs of Internet users, a reasonable allocation of upload and download bandwidth resources; Setting of 2.4G&5G double guest networks, the router not only provides the security and high speed wireless network for guests, but also can effectively protect the privacy of the master. With the function of three gears power regulation, the launch power can be transfered to the maximum when play games to protect the game with network unimpeded. In order to keep surf the internet smoothly, the transmit power can be lowered when games over. The time when the product come into the market is going to be determined soon, Customers who are interested pay attention to the official website of the (JCG) or the official website of the service number.

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