Shenzhen Yichen Technology (JCG) After-sales Service Ordinance

Dear customer, thank you very much for your concern and support for JCG network products, and thank you for choosing and purchasing our products. During the use of the product, if there are any technical questions or product quality problems, please call the JCG customer service center hotline: 4008-828-298.




Your warranty period will be calculated from the date of issue of the effective date of purchase. If there is no purchase certificate, the production date of the product shall prevail. The date of failure of the product shall be served on the date of service of JCG maintenance center.



The warranty protection is limited to host and power. Packing and all kinds of attachment, software products, technical data and other accessories are not in the warranty guarantee. The replacement period for external power supply is 3 months. If repair power source has obvious hard object injury, crack, broken foot, severe deformation, power cord breakage, breakage, naked core and other phenomena are not guaranteed, users can buy separately.



1)     “Seven Days Return”

Within seven days from the date of sale, you can choose to return, replace

or repair the product if the product has a quality problem. When you ask for a return, the JCG network product seller will be responsible for returning the goods and full refund the payment at the time of sale price.


2)     “One Year Replacement”

In the year after the product has been sold, you can choose to change or repair the product if the product has a quality problem. When you ask for a new product, the after-sales staff will be responsible for changing the product of the same type and specification for you. If the product of the same model and specification ceases to be produced, it shall be replaced with a product which is not inferior to the performance of the original product.



3)     “Three Years Warranty”

Since the date of sale within three years, you in the normal use of the product case, if the product appear quality problem, can enjoy JCG brand three years warranty service, more than three years if still choose to repair, need to be replaced in accordance with the price of spare parts fees and service charges.



If the product you purchase belongs to any of the following situations, JCG has the right to not provide free services in accordance with the provisions of the three packs of policy:


1.     The term "three packs of policy" is valid.


2.     The quality assurance label is torn off, tear up, the illicit to change the blurred product.


3.     Product damage caused by to use, maintain, and keep the product do not according to the instructions.


4.     Self-disassembling, repairing or attempting to repair a product without the authorization of the company.


5.     There is no valid three packs of vouchers or unauthorised use of three packs of vouchers.


6.     The product model on the three packs of certificate is not in conformity with the product.


7.     The products under the working conditions of use stipulated fault or damage caused by the (such as the temperature is too high, too low, too wet or dry, high altitude, voltage or current is not stable, zero voltage is too big, and so on).


8.     Product failure or damage caused by earthquake, fire, flood, lightning strike, etc. Failure or damage caused by non-product design, manufacture and quality other problems.


9.     Products that are damaged due to improper user transport, use or storage. (for example: damp corrosion, mechanical damage, etc.).


10.  JCG all products are for service delivery, no door-to-door service, and do not undertake the transportation and other expenses incurred during the delivery.


11.  Failure or damage caused by user or third-party misuse or incorrect installation and debugging (such as upgrading the third party firmware, upgrading the unmatched firmware, etc.).


12.  Please ensure the integrity of the products when returning the goods, otherwise, the corresponding losses will be deducted according to the attached loss. If the situation is serious, the refund will not be given.



1. When the product that you purchase is fails, can use the valid certificate such as machine invoice and warranty card to the product purchase place request to apply for replacement warranty service. Due to JCG products are in the national insurance, when you couldn't be reached to the dealer can also directly with my company around in offices or contact customer service, or by JCG web site and contact us directly.


2. Distributor of JCG products will apply to JCG company's office or headquarters to apply for warranty service. To conform to the provisions of this consignment can more directly change the condition of the product, dealers can directly replace the good products to customers, Other cases are to be replaced by the dealer after the JCG company replaces the repair spare parts.


3. The customer or distributor will send the repaired products to JCG company. The freight shall be borne by the customer or the dealer. The company will be responsible for the delivery of products to customers or dealers after replacement of warranty. The freight will be borne by JCG. If the product is under warranty, JCG can provide users with paid maintenance, and all the freight must be borne by the customer.



1. This service policy and special reminders are formulated in accordance with the relevant responsibilities of national quality supervision and inspection, and provide services to you when you need them. The above service policy and special reminder service are only valid for products sold in the territory of the People's Republic of China.


2. Dealers to customers to make the Non-JCG technology guarantee other commitments, our company does not assume any responsibility, please ask for written proof to distributor, when buy extra pledges to dealers for you.


3. No matter what causes the user to be unable to use the normal use of any or indirect loss, the JCG company will only assume the responsibility of the state applicable law.


Note: The right of interpretation and amendment of this undertaking shall be owned by Shenzhen Yichen Technology (JCG) Co.,Ltd.


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