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For the Czech Republic through the wall from the Greek 1200M wireless router JHR-AC845...

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Speaking of "King Kong" word, we tend to think of American science fiction blockbuster "Transformers" Optimus Prime, Rodimus and other Transformers its powerful and strong defenses opponents defenseless. The Czech Republic dilute (JCG) "Diamond" series of intelligent wireless router, similar in style and Transformers, with its super power and transmission rate break stand in front of the wall, simply "for the wall and students" intelligent wireless router . Recently, the Czech Republic, dilute (JCG) "Diamond four generations" JHR-AC845 enhanced version of "King Kong Five" JHR-AC855 enhanced version is also coming soon. By then, the technology enthusiasts and control technology can be the first to experience Jingdong Mall and Czech dilute (JCG) Lynx flagship store.

From the looks of it, the overall shape of the international professional industrial designers, make "King Kong four generations" JHR-AC845 line fortitude simple black matte surface with high-glossy texture lines modified, the full sense of science and technology, highly visual impact force.

"King Kong four generations" JHR-AC845 supports 2.4G & 5G AC dual WIFI, wireless transmission rates up to 1200Mbps (2.4G band: 300Mbps; 5G band: 867Mbps), 30-50 can support wireless client access, and security net smooth. 5 External 5dBi high-gain antenna detachable pure copper core, high-power design, coverage, through walls stronger. To ensure that the wireless signal to penetrate the layers of barrier to eliminate wireless dead. Designers also on the "King Kong four generations" arranged Three adjustable power design, signal strength with the need to set up, is undoubtedly green energy choice. Users only need to gently struck power adjustment button, you can adjust the wireless signal strength, reduce unnecessary power consumption and wireless radiation, to provide you with an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, free wireless living space. It also enjoys a signal back to the reconnaissance technology, high sensitivity receive the highest receiver sensitivity is much higher than similar products.

In addition, the "King Kong four generations" JHR-N845R provides a 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet (WAN) interfaces, and WAN connectivity; 4 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet (LAN) ports for LAN connections, It can provide users with high-definition movies, big game, the flow of download speed experience. It can also build private clouds through U disk or removable hard disk, wireless cloud storage and remote download and calls. Users only need a router can easily share printers, mobile hard disk, to achieve shared iTunes, easily build FTP platform, really enjoy the convenience of work and life.

QOS intelligent bandwidth design, the user can according to the actual needs of the rational allocation of upload and download bandwidth resources, guarantees everyone Shang Hao net. In network security, even based on "customer worry" for the pursuit, JHR-N845R Support 64/128 bit WEP encryption, WPA / WPA2 encryption and other advanced security mechanisms to protect the wireless network will not be violated or theft, it available for IP filtering, MAC filtering, SSID hiding, advanced encryption, multi-level security, to provide users with powerful security, allowing users to surf the Internet safely speed Internet access. Network topology excellent properties suitable for public places JHR-AC845 enhanced wireless broadband router provides up to 1200Mbps Wireless transmission rate, in line with 802.11AC wireless standard, backward compatible with 802.11n / b / g wireless Internet access. Superior coverage ability for restaurants, clothing stores, hospitals, 4S shops, hotels, banks, hospitals, leisure facilities and other public places.

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